In celebration of Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, The Little Car Company and Bugatti have developed the Baby II, a modern tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s masterpiece the Bugatti Baby, a gift to his youngest son Roland. Launching almost a century after Ettore’s original, the Baby II is built using the latest technology, but with the utmost respect for Bugatti’s automotive heritage.

MODELS: Base / Vitesse & Pur Sang
POWER: 4kW / 10kW
DRIVING MODES: Novice, Expert / Speed Key
DIMENSIONS: 2.76M (L), 1.05M (W), 0.8M (H)

*Top speed limited in the U.S. due to local laws and regulations

The Baby II is a 75% scale, fully electric reincarnation of the iconic Bugatti Type 35, developed using a full 3D scan of an original 1924 French Grand Prix car. As an official Bugatti product, only components of the highest quality have been used, with each car being impeccably hand-built. The Baby II is adorned with a genuine, solid silver Bugatti Macaron, a symbol of exclusivity, luxury and craftsmanship that has stood for over 110 years. A true continuation of a prestigious history.

Just like the original, the Bugatti Baby II is a strictly limited edition with only 500 cars being built.


The Bugatti Baby II is available in 3 models: Base, Vitesse and Pur Sang. Discover their specifications and the wide range of exterior paint finishes and interior leather trims available on our configurator.

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Arguably the most famous car in the world, the iconic DB5 has firmly secured its place in automotive history. Coveted by car enthusiasts around the world, DB5 ownership has historically been the preserve of the lucky few. In 2020, more than 50 years on from its initial launch, the DB5 will be reimagined for the modern era.

Hand-crafted to allow the love of driving to be shared across generations, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior will be built to 66% scale of the original and will feature a rear-wheel-drive, fully electric powertrain and multiple driving modes. Just like the original, only 1,059 of the models will be made, providing a rare opportunity for fans of the marque to own a piece of history.

As an official Aston Martin model, the DB5 Junior will pay homage to the rich history of the brand. Each of the limited-edition vehicles produced will feature classic Aston Martin badges, Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, and individually numbered chassis plates. In tribute to Aston Martins more recent technological advances, the DB5 Junior will include swappable lithium-ion battery packs and regenerative braking.

POWER: 5kW / 6.7 bhp
Battery Pack: 1.8kWh
Top Speed: 45 mph / 72 kph*
Driving Modes: Novice, Expert

*Top speed limited in the U.S. due to local laws and regulations


  • Authentic Aston Martin badges consistent with the original cars
  • Replicated Smiths instruments, including original DB5 clock
  • A full leather interior in a range of colours
  • Mahogany & aluminium steering wheel
  • Opening and closing bonnet and boot
  • Four-wheel disc brakes, and a hydraulic handbrake
  • Double wishbone suspension at the front, with the roll centre and camber gain matching the original geometry
  • Rear live axle as per the original, with authentic upper and lower trailing-arm suspension and panhard rod



The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is a 75% reproduction of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa – one of the most iconic models in the history of Ferrari and motor racing. Developed and built from the original drawings kept in Ferrari Classiche, this is a beautiful scaled tribute with just 299 cars being built. Designed to share the joy of driving across generations and a true collector’s item to be cherished.

As an official Ferrari product, only components of the highest quality have been used, with each car being impeccably hand-built.

POWER: 12 kW
Battery Pack: 3.1 X 1.2 X 0.7m
DRIVING MODES: Novice, Comfort, Sport, Race
TOP SPEED: 80km/h*

*Top speed limited in the U.S. due to local laws and regulations


As per Ferraris tradition, the Ferrari Testa Rossa J will have a wide range of customization options available, exclusively designed by the Centro Stile. An extensive search of Ferrari Classiche has identified some of the most iconic racing liveries that have been applied over time to the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. The Centro Stile has evaluated all possible body and interior color combinations to give customers a vast array of personalization options, whilst remaining faithful to the Ferrari style.

Customers can try the different configurations and design their dream car with the online configurator. Experiment with an array of interior and exterior color combinations available, or why not discover the historic liveries unearthed by Ferrari Classiche.

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Embark on a journey of opulence and style with the Bentley Blower Jnr – a symphony of power and elegance. Its carbon fibre body and aluminium bonnet pay homage to the rich heritage of British craftsmanship and engineering excellence.

The first 99 examples of Blower Jnr will be First Edition Models. These will feature First Edition badging on the hood, door sill plate, the dash, as well as an engraved and numbered 1 of 99 plaque. All First Edition models will be finished in Blower Green, with matching painted chassis and wheels, and a Union flag hand-painted on both sides of the body as per the original, while the seats and interior are upholstered in the Dark Green Lustrana Hide used by Mulliner for the Blower Continuation Series. The side panel and radiator carry the period-correct racing number, while the steering wheel is rope-bound.

This thrilling collaboration between The Little Car Company and Bentley brings racing heritage to the forefront while embracing cutting-edge, zero-emission driving technology.


Unleash an unrivalled driving experience with the Bentley Blower Jnr's commanding performance, empowered by its robust, fully electric 48-volt powertrain. This 85% scale, fully road legal reinterpretation of the iconic 1929 Bentley Blower exudes power and luxury while embracing modern sustainability.

Craft your own Bentley Blower Jnr and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of driving luxury, where tradition meets innovation.

POWER: 15 kW
DIMENSIONS 3.72 x 1.48 x 1.27m
TOP SPEED: 45mph/72kph*
DRIVING MODES: Comfort/Bentley/Sport
WEIGHT: 550kg

*Due to US regulations, all vehicles delivered to the US will have a maximum speed of 25mph.
**Road legal under LSV classification in the USA.


Performance and safety take precedence with meticulously designed features, including zero emissions, agile handling, and essential safety hardware. Whether it's a leisurely Sunday drive or an adventurous journey, the Bentley Blower Jnr is a harmonious blend of performance and safety.

Embrace the future of motoring with this exhilarating and eco-conscious masterpiece.

The Bentley Blower Jnr is classified for road legal use under LSV legislation in the US.


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